About Adrian McGrath

By trade, I am a Digital Strategist and Enterprise Architect and I’ve been working in the technology consulting industry for over 25 years. I’ve worked for over 50 clients and successfully led and delivered many large-scale, high volume and complex projects across Digital Transformation and Enterprise Content Management.

I started this blog during the time in my career that I specialised in Enterprise Content Management, calling the blog “The Information Management Pulse” at the time. I am now reinvigorating this blog, this time expanding the range of topics to include areas such as Digital Transformation, Agile delivery and my experience as an entrepreneur. With the expansion of topics, I’ve now renamed this blog “The Digital Word on the Street”. My intention for this blog is to share some of my ideas and perspectives across key areas where I’ve built up a lot of experience in my career, and to learn and improve my own knowledge from the feedback I receive and connections with people I make.

I can be contacted at adrian_mcgrath@yahoo.com and LinkedIn.

Disclaimer: The content published within this blog represents my personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of any organisations I work for.